Subsidized Housing

As part of Nicholas Residential’s commitment to building a strong social footprint in the communities we invest in, our subsidized housing program aims to alleviate financial constraints for vulnerable groups of the population. The subsidized housing program relies on intake from partner nonprofits to provide affordable housing to refugees, survivors of human trafficking and survivors of domestic violence while monitoring data that could indicate successes for providing stability to families and for children who are in school. Partner non-profits for the subsidized housing program include The Family Place, Mosaic, POETIC and Refugee Services of Texas.

Community Outreach

The ongoing pandemic has provided Nicholas Residential the opportunity to explore creative ways to connect our residents with much needed resources. We are installing Little Free Libraries at each property to encourage our young community to continue exploring the world through words. We are transforming a portion of each leasing office into a small food pantry that is accessible to our residents while respecting social distancing guidelines. Our partnerships with local non-profits are also providing residents with financial literacy, coaching and access to free grocery deliveries and food.

Together, we can address our residents’ greatest challenges and help them stay engaged and empowered.

Public Affairs

Nicholas Residential works closely with lawmakers and civic leaders to understand how we may best serve the needs of workforce housing while being deliberate as to not perpetuate segregation and economic silos. This involves developing close relationships with municipalities and economic development teams and submitting RFPs (Request for Proposals) to cities seeking assistance through a NOFA (Notice of Funding Availability), in addition to securing bond money and other economic incentives.


For Nicholas Residential, our role is not simply to refurbish the properties we own, but to also refurbish the communities in which they reside. To that end, Nicholas donates thousands of dollars of its own income to nonprofits which serve our properties’ surrounding communities. Existing partnerships include the Boys and Girls Club, Jesuit, Catholic Charities, Kimiya International and the Wilkinson Center Food Pantry. Our employees also have the opportunity to donate volunteer hours each quarter to a local nonprofit of their choice.

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