Our Portfolio and Vision

Nicholas Residential owns 14 multi-family properties with 4,092 units of workforce housing located in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and Tulsa. Discover how we are making an impact in the lives of our residents and providing a transformational place to call home.

Nicholas Residential, Nationwide

Nicholas Residential understands that addressing the national need for workforce housing begins at the community level. Across America, we've targeted communities that we can make the greatest impact in. Through strong community partnerships, an unmatched dedication to our residents and a commitment to creating positive social change, we are leaders in the affordable housing space.

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Nicholas Residential by the Numbers

We provide workforce housing at each of our 14 properties with seven million square feet from which to build a sustaining foundation for positive change in the communities we serve. Nicholas Residential manages over half a billion dollars in assets with plans to expand to ten times that over the next five. Our numbers tell a story of community improvement and creating a solution for the drought in workforce housing across the U.S.








Million Dollars in AUM